What Makes Our Wipes Different​

Made with 99% purified water and a touch of cotton for softness, Royal care baby Wipes are the gentle way to clean newborns and up, from head to toe

Free from alcohol*, parabens or phthalates, our water wipes are safe to use all around babies, including the bottom, hands, and face. resealable packs and multipacks make cleaning your cub easy and convenient, whether around the house or on the go.
*Does not contain ethanol, isopropanol or rubbing alcohol.

Dermatologically Tested

Baby wipes are versatile products that are commonly used for various purposes beyond just cleaning babies. Here are some of the common uses of baby wipes

Baby wipes can be a convenient and handy tool for various cleaning and hygiene needs. However, always be mindful of the ingredients and any potential sensitivities, especially when using them on your skin or for purposes other than baby care.

Uses Of Baby Wipes

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